Year 2

Before spring break last year, I couldn’t fathom going back into the classroom for another year.  By May, I  thought I might survive another year, but you couldn’t make me like it.

It’s July- and I’m pumped.  



(Watching the Olympics is the ultimate motivator.)

In all seriousness, starting my second year is drastically different.  I know what questions to ask, a little bit more of what to expect, and I feel significantly more confident in my teaching abilities.  I am so lucky that my school has incredible support systems in place, particularly around discipline and teacher motivation.  It will be hard- the expectations for my second year are drastically higher, but I feel confident in the more basic teaching skills.  I am so excited!!!  More on this as professional development…develops.

Additionally, this has been the BEST SUMMER EVERRRRRRRR!   Legit.  I am surrounded by family, friends, and the best city in the world, which has rejuvenated me.  I have attended so many amazing events, surrounded myself with so many loving people, and accomplished a number of important goals, like hosting a Wellness Fair!  I had the opportunity to coach swimming again, and learn about special education law in my graduate class.  I just returned from the most beautiful reunion with my college family in Birmingham, where I stood up for my dear friend at the wedding of a lifetime.  Now, to plan my next adventure….can’t even pick a picture for this because the world is full of possibilities!


Note: In a recent conversation N, a past student, has promised to think about her actions before fighting others so that I can watch her walk across the stage next year when she graduates 8th grade.  I can’t wait!

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