Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy….

Hey kids!  Time for a post about how much I love……CHICAGO FOOD MUSIC BLUES BBQ SUN BEACHES EL SWIMMING FRIENDS JETSKIS BOATS DUNES POPSICLES POOLS……This summer I am coaching swimming with kiddos in the morning, taking grad classes some evenings, training for a triathlon, and generally having a blast.

Music Events I am going to:

BluesFest- Free in Millennium Park, already happened, watched Mavis Staples perform like a boss.  Last time I was there I saw the King.  He practically crawled onstage, but when he started to play, it was magical.


Grant Park Music Festival- Picture this.  You are walking up to Michigan Ave. after work surrounded by the city, when you decide to cross the street into Millennium Park before getting on the El.  The sound of classical music wafting across the city draws you closer to the lake, where you find a grassy oasis full of picnickers enjoying Prokofiev or Dvorak. What’s not to love?


Know of any good Chicago food festivals (other than the Taste)??  Send them my way!!

Grilling- Yes, we have a fantastic grill on our porch.  And yes, I love to feed people.  I will be frequenting the Food Network Grilling site and Pie Recipes for ideas.  Please send some my way!  Also, Mr. Freeze pops/ Freezy Pops/ Iceeees are the best ever.



Michigan- Sand dunes, jetski, grilling, friends, hammock.  See background pics of this blog for proof.

Birmingham, AL- I’m a bridesmaid!  And it’s going to be hot as Hades, but the most fun everrrrrrrrrrr!  I can’t wait to get my Southern on and party on with my best ladies.

So pumped.

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