Summer’s Coming…I Can Just Taste It!

Quick life updates!

Delicious things I have made recently:

– Dates stuffed with goat cheese wrapped in bacon in a balsamic reduction (ok I didn’t make this)

– Grilled steak fajitas and watermelon

– Sweet potato, onion, apple, bacon hash

– Papaya and banana smoothies

– Rice pudding (from local Mexican grocery) with fresh mango on top

I love summer food!!!!


Other excitement: I am officially signed up for the Chicago Triathlon!  (Which is NOT spelled triathAlon apparently.)  I have been running 10 miles and swimming 2 miles weekly.  I’m pretty impressed with myself too, I know.  However, the bike I assumed I would ride is actually from when I was about 9 years old.  I would look like this.


Also, I have a flight booked to Birmingham for the wedding I’m in this summer!  And I hope my workout regimen will help me not like the man above in the wedding photos!


QUESTION: How do you prevent your shoulder from hurting when you run??!?  I asked my trainer friend and he said it’s because my shoulders are too big to be a runner.  Darn swimming.  

Note: My employment is currently a little messy, more details to come when things are sorted out/ calm down/ school is out so I can put my life together.  Additionally, this is not the face you want to see on a teacher resume website… reassuring.

Candace Davies


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