Bag o’ Tricks

“Hey- I had fun today. ”

The words every teacher wants to hear after a good lesson. I heard them today from one of my silly boys. I win.

Every teacher has a bag of tricks that they pull from on a daily basis. This bag takes a long time to develop, and I finally feel like I’m getting starting mine!

Special education + middle school + boys – recess – gym only once a week = need for fun, kinesthetic learning activities. Realized that my students didn’t understand the coordinate plane during a lesson on rotations and reflections- so we created a human coordinate plane on the floor tiles! (note- dry erase marker does not wipe off linoleum easily- tape next time) It was pretty awesome, and they mostly understand it now.

Other fun things- government branches jeopardy, acting out book scenes, making character hats and Facebook pages, reading about Iron Man vs. Batman, making shapes out of Bendaroos (waxy colored sticks- $4 for 500!)

Maybe I’m just absurdly sleep deprived, but fun classroom activities let me have fun too and be silly. I’m no good at being serious- I’m just as bad as the kids!

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